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Acrylic is an original mystery-horror style game made exclusively using RPG Maker MV. As a fanatic of RPG Maker games myself (especially horror), I have been heavily inspired by some leaders in the genre such as The Witch's House, Ao Oni, etc. I have experienced so much fun (and scares) from these games, I wanted to try to share that with others! It initially started as a small project made for my younger sister, Nicole, a fellow spook-seeker and college art student. As time went on, the ideas grew and grew and it turned into quite the endeavor!

In Acrylic, you play as Nicole, a senior art student at the esteemed Acrylic Academy. Though she is close to finishing her final year, she needs to head to the school one night for a quick errand. Accompanied by her quirky sister, Joelle, she soon realizes that the building she has spent the past few years in is still, in a dark and twisted way, completely unknown to her.

Work cooperatively as Nicole and Joelle, exploring and interacting with the school in different ways to find out all you can. Experience 20 different brutal deaths, stay safe from all kinds of evil and traps, and see if you can be the one to solve the mysteries of Acrylic Academy!


This game does contain mild jumpscares, profanity, scenes of violence (not graphically shown, however is heavily detailed in text), minor blood/gore, mention of suicide, several chase-scenes, and shocking content.

Those with weak hearts who don't enjoy being scared are advised to refrain from playing Acrylic. This is entirely a work of fiction, with any similarities to real people or events being purely coincidental.


* Approximately 3+ hours of gameplay
* 3 possible endings
* Original puzzles
* 20 varied death experiences (so explore cautiously!)
* Item collection quests
* Mild chase scenes
* Original bust graphics and sprites
* Gamepad-friendly


I strongly recommend installing the included fonts before beginning your play-through. There are events throughout the game that utilize various typefaces and I would hate for the game to bug out if they were not installed. (:

Release date Aug 20, 2016
Made withRPG Maker
TagsGhosts, Horror, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really great stuff, definitely reminded me of the classic RPG maker horror games. Liked the art and characters too, neatly done!